A European business using Zeeg a GDPR compliant Calendly alternative from Germany

GDPR compliant Calendly alternative from Germany

July 12, 2024
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Zeeg: The data privacy compliant scheduling solution from Germany and optimal Calendly alternative

Whether in small businesses, midsize companies, or large corporations, manual appointment coordination with customers, partners, and applicants consumes valuable time and resources in many organizations. Employees often spend a frustrating amount of time matching free time slots and coordinating appointments. These time-consuming processes not only cost nerves, but also cash.

Zeeg provides a solution to this scheduling chaos. The innovative appointment scheduling tool made in Germany acts as an efficient Calendly alternative for companies which want to be GDPR compliant. The user-friendly interface allows online appointments to be offered via a link or widget on the website and synchronized with existing calendar systems.

A great added value of Zeeg is the automatic reminder function via e-mail or SMS, so that no agreed appointment is forgotten. The software thus ensures a smooth process and gives employees back time for more important tasks.

As a solution developed in Europe, Zeeg also comprehensively complies with the GDPR. This means that the data of customers and employees remains perfectly protected. In contrast, tools from the USA such as Calendly often pose risks in terms of data protection and compliance.

Overall, Zeeg acts as a digital assistant for scheduling. With practical functions, the tool is tailored specifically to the needs of companies in Europe. Whether on the sales side, HR or customer service: Zeeg optimizes appointment organization for all teams and industries.

Whether you work as an employee in a company, are self-employed or a freelancer - booking appointments for face-to-face or even virtual meetings and phone calls has never been easier than with Zeeg. No more endless email conversations (email ping-pong) to find the right appointment.

With Zeeg, you communicate via simple booking links that you can send to your conversation partners and arrange appointments with just a few clicks. The selected appointment is then automatically noted in your calendar and synchronized with all your  devices. In addition, you can enter free times, record your own appointments and be reminded of them.

Companies looking for a legally compliant and efficient Calendly alternative are well advised to use Zeeg. Appointment coordination becomes a breeze thanks to the automated processes. Time-consuming back and forth is minimized and valuable resources are saved.

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Importance of GDPR compliance when dealing with scheduling tools

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has significantly tightened the requirements for handling personal data in recent years. Companies are now required to pay very close attention to where and how data is processed. This also affects appointment scheduling tools such as Calendly, which often store personal data such as names, email addresses or appointment information.

Many companies are therefore looking for a GDPR-compliant Calendly alternative in order to comply with the strict EU data protection regulations. Because according to the GDPR, personal data of EU citizens must also be stored in the EU. Tools like Calendly, which are based in the USA, do not meet this requirement.

GDPR compliant Calendly alternative from Germany 2023

A promising candidate as a GDPR-compliant Calendly alternative from Germany is the tool Zeeg. Zeeg is a scheduling solution made in Germany and meets all requirements of the GDPR. Here are the main advantages of Zeeg:

  • Developed in Germany 
  • Hosted in Europe
  • Full DSGVO compliance
  • Maximum data security through TLS encryption
  • Full data sovereignty for users
  • Free basic version available
Try Zeeg for free, a GDPR scheduling solution from Germany

With the new EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework coming into force on July 10, 2023, there is indeed again the possibility to store data of EU users also on U.S. servers. However, this should be treated with caution, as a re-examination by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is likely. In addition, US companies must meet various requirements to join the agreement. A list of qualified US companies can be found here.

Important: Calendly is not yet part of this list of certified providers (as of October 2023).

Overall, tools such as Zeeg, which were developed entirely in the EU, continue to offer the greatest possible data security and legal certainty. Companies from Europe should therefore continue to rely on GDPR-compliant providers when choosing scheduling solutions in 2023.

Calendly: pros and cons

What is Calendly?

Calendly is one of the most popular and well-known online appointment scheduling tools. It allows to offer online appointments and meetings in a simple way via link or embedding on one's website. Calendly queries the desired time slots and allows participants to choose an appointment that suits them.

The advantages of Calendly for appointment scheduling

  • Easy appointment scheduling via link or widget
  • Flexible time windows and buffer times definable
  • Automatic confirmation and reminder emails
  • Connection to calendar apps like Google Calendar
  • Free basic version available

Calendly's challenges with regard to data protection and the GDPR

  • Calendly is based in the USA
  • DSGVO compliance not guaranteed
  • Lack of clarity regarding data storage and access

For companies and users from the EU, the use of Calendly can therefore be associated with the risk of a lack of DSGVO compliance. In particular, sensitive personal data may be affected.

How booking works with the Calendly alternative Zeeg

With Zeeg, your German alternative to Calendly, you can easily schedule appointments with customers, team members and partners. With just a few clicks, your calendars sync - whether on Google, Outlook or other platforms. In your Zeeg calendar, you can enter your personal availability for meetings, phone calls or face-to-face conversations and create an individual link to book appointments. Use this link to send your customers, partners or team members an invitation for a digital or face-to-face meeting. They can then enter and book your appointment via the link.

This is how booking an appointment with Zeeg works in just a few steps:

  1. Enter personal availability in the Zeeg calendar
Zeeg onboarding - step 1 - defining available times for meeting scheduling
  1. Create a custom appointment booking link
Zeeg onboarding - step 2 - creating a personalized appointment scheduling link
  1. Send link to customers, partners or team members

  1. These simply book their desired date according to availability
Zeeg onboarding - step 3 - easy automated meeting scheduling based on your availability
  1. Appointment is automatically confirmed and added to your calendar
Zeeg onboarding - step 4 - appointment is confirmed and automatically added to your calendar.

The sync function also makes it easy to schedule group appointments across different time zones. Zeeg technology enables smooth appointment organization with customers and your own team.

Maximize sales success with clever scheduling

As a GDPR-compliant Calendly alternative, Zeeg not only offers users maximum data security, but can also significantly improve sales performance. Through optimized appointment organization, the tool enables a measurably more successful sales strategy.

A well thought-out sales strategy is crucial to sustainably increasing a company's sales growth. This is where efficient appointment scheduling with Zeeg comes into play. The Calendly alternative made in Germany enables an optimized organization of sales processes for noticeably better results:

  • More high-quality sales calls through targeted appointment allocation
  • Higher response speed through automated processes
  • Increased closing rate through seamless customer support
  • Sales teams focus on sales instead of making appointments

By using Zeeg to streamline their sales cycles and ensure smooth customer interactions, sales teams increase their productivity over the long term. The result: more deals, happier customers, and increased revenue. Zeeg's intelligent scheduling gives salespeople the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Optimizing customer service - how Zeeg takes customer care to a new level

In addition to more efficient scheduling, the Calendly alternative Zeeg can also help to sustainably increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The intelligent appointment organization enables smooth customer service and thus measurably improves the company's success.

By allowing customers easy access to the right contacts and appointments at all times, Zeeg enables customer inquiries to be processed faster and in a more targeted manner. The tool creates the basis for long-term customer relationships and increased customer satisfaction.

The benefits of Zeeg for customer care at a glance:

  • Seamless appointment booking for optimal accessibility
  • Faster response times through efficient resource planning
  • Higher customer satisfaction through easy service access
  • Long-term customer loyalty through proactive support
  • Continuous increase of the Net Promoter Score

Whether support tickets or personal advice: Zeeg equips customer service teams with the right tools to always be available for customers and to promptly resolve their concerns. The result: delighted customers, more efficient processes and measurably increased business success.

Optimize recruitment - how Zeeg increases recruiting efficiency

Zeeg not only helps to smoothly organize appointments with existing customers, but can also significantly simplify recruitment. By automating the application process and scheduling interviews, the tool noticeably speeds up recruiting processes.

The benefits of Zeeg for more efficient recruitment:

  • Seamless appointment setting with candidates
  • Faster identification of suitable candidates
  • Automated communication saves time and costs
  • Shortened time-to-hire through optimized processes
  • Positive candidate experience creates competitive advantage

By streamlining their recruiting processes with the help of the intelligent scheduling solution, HR teams are able to fill vacancies significantly faster and more cost-effectively. Zeeg provides the tools to stay ahead of the competition for the best talent. The result: greater recruiting efficiency and the right employees in the right place at the right time.

Efficiently optimize appointment organization and customer communication with the GDPR-compliant Calendly alternative Zeeg

Zeeg is not only the data protection-compliant solution from Germany for online appointment scheduling. The Calendly alternative also offers users various functions to noticeably simplify communication with customers and the organization of internal processes.

Process appointment booking and payment easily

Zeeg's integrated payment function makes it particularly easy for service providers and companies to book appointments and pay for their services. Customers book their desired appointment, which is automatically transferred to the provider's Zeeg calendar and synchronized with existing calendars. Payment can also be made directly at the time of booking.

Zeeg also allows buffer times to be set up between appointments so that providers have enough time to prepare for the next meeting. If a booked appointment is canceled, it is automatically released again and available for selection by other customers.

Automate customer communication effortlessly

Zeeg has intelligent workflow functions that can be used to greatly automate customer communication around appointment booking. For example, automatic reminders and confirmations can be set up via email and SMS to increase attendance at booked meetings.

Personalized messages can also be created for pre- and post-appointment communications that are sent to customers in an automated manner. This provides a consistent and professional experience for customers. Automating recurring tasks also saves internal resources.

Customize appointment booking page to match own branding

A major advantage of Zeeg is the flexible adaptation of the appointment booking pages to the company's own corporate design. This ensures a consistent brand presence across the website right through to appointment booking. The integration of QR codes for even easier access is also possible.

Simplify demo booking on the website: This is how the GDPR-compliant Calendly alternative Zeeg optimizes appointment scheduling

The option to easily book demo appointments via their own website is a great advantage for companies. Zeeg, the privacy-compliant Calendly alternative from Germany, optimizes this process with clever automation functions.

Thanks to the integrated iFrame, interested visitors can be automatically assigned to the appropriate contact person for the demo on the website. Zeeg matches team availabilities in real time so that interested parties can see appointment options at a glance.

A rotation system also ensures that inquiries are distributed evenly among sales staff. Everyone gets an equal chance to showcase their expertise in demos.

Automated appointment coordination via the website thus increases customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Companies save valuable resources through more efficient processes.

Zeeg provides the intelligent technology to optimize appointment booking and scheduling for demo requests from their own website. Prospective customers thus receive a seamless user experience.

By optimizing appointment scheduling, payment and customer communication with the DSGVO-compliant Calendly alternative Zeeg, customer experience and internal processes can be noticeably improved.

GDPR compliance through European hosting: How the Calendly alternative Zeeg ensures data protection-compliant scheduling

For companies in the EU, compliance with the GDPR is essential when processing personal data. There are risks here with solutions from the USA such as Calendly. Zeeg, the appointment scheduling software made in Germany, on the other hand, complies with all requirements as a European provider.

When organizing appointments, sensitive information such as contact and payment data is often exchanged. Zeeg stores all data in European data centers in compliance with the GDPR and transmits it end-to-end encrypted.

GDPR compliance is an important differentiator that builds trust with customers. Especially for recruiting, sales and support teams in companies, data security is a top priority.

Zeeg, as a Calendly alternative from Europe, provides the guarantee that personal data is only processed on servers in Europe. Even if participants from non-EU countries are involved, GDPR compliance is maintained.

The promise of high data protection standards can also be used effectively for customer acquisition. By actively communicating secure, lawful data processing, providers set themselves apart from the competition.

With GDPR compliance and European hosting from Calendly's alternative Zeeg, companies can make their scheduling legally compliant and build trusting customer relationships.

Calendly alternatives in comparison - tested for GDPR compliance

The market for appointment scheduling tools offers various Calendly alternatives with different focuses. When choosing an appointment scheduling solution as an alternative to Calendly, companies from Germany should pay particular attention to DSGVO compliance. We compared the top competitors and tested them thoroughly:

  • Zeeg
  • MeetFox
  • Doodle
  • SimplyBook.me
  • OnceHub
  • ChiliPiper


Zeeg Website - October 2023
Zeeg Website - October 2023

Zeeg is the German software solution for calendar automation and online appointment booking. Manage booking links for yourself and your team on a descriptive dashboard and create 1:1, group, collective or round robin appointments. You can offer affordable appointments for your clients and drive your business in a privacy compliant way.

  • Price: free basic plan, professional plan is available from 5€ per month (with annual payment).
  • Languages: German, English
  • Wide range of features for individuals and teams
  • GDPR: AV contract automatically stored in your user account, data stored exclusively on servers in Europe by European companies.
  • Ease of use: Zeeg impresses with its ease of use and appealing design.
  • Ratings: Capterra - 4.9 stars | OMR - 4.9 stars


MeetFox Website - October 2023
MeetFox Website - October 2023

MeetFox is a solution from an Austrian provider. With MeetFox, you can create personalized booking pages through which your leads and customers can make appointments with you. The corresponding booking link can be embedded on your website as well as on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google and others. Similar to Calendly, MeetFox offers synchronization with Outlook and Google calendars.

  • Price: Free plan, paid plans from 10€ per month.
  • Languages: English, German
  • Integrations: Google, Microsoft
  • Features limited, no optics customization possible, complicated to use
  • DSGVO: No accessible AV contract - a big risk with DSGVO compliance. MeetFox does not seem to fully meet the requirements.
  • Usability: complex interface, limited customization options, difficult to set up for non-experts.
  • Ratings: Capterra - 4.6 stars | OMR: 4.5 stars


Doodle Website - October 2023
Doodle Website - October 2023

The Swiss appointment booking tool Doodle is known to many. With Doodle, you can create booking pages, set up appointment reminders, and schedule appointments with multiple people at once thanks to its group polling features. It also offers several integrations, such as for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zapier.

  • Price: Free, paid plans from €6.95 per month.
  • Languages: English, German
  • Integrations: Google, Microsoft, MS Exchange
  • Poor UX with many ads, calendar integration mandatory
  • DSGVO: Risk due to US hosting with Amazon Web Services - as a US company, not optimal for DSGVO compliance.
  • Usability: Unclear with many annoying ads. Requires mandatory calendar connection, thus limited flexibility.
  • Reviews: Capterra - 4.6 stars | OMR: 4.3 stars


SimplyBook.me Website - October 2023
SimplyBook.me Website - October 2023

SimplyBook.me allows you to integrate your appointment scheduler into your website. Alternatively, you can direct prospects to your booking page via links from social media platforms or Google. You can choose from over 20 design templates and customize them to your liking to create an appealing booking page. Besides the standard online appointment booking features, SimplyBook.me also offers advanced features like custom registration forms, reporting, and even an HTML email editor.

  • Price: Free, paid plans from €8.25 per month.
  • Languages: German + 8 others
  • Integrations: Google, Microsoft
  • Complicated setup of booking pages
  • GDPR: AV contract available, server locations in Canada, France, Singapore - DSGVO compliance should be given.
  • Ease of use: complex interface, booking pages difficult to set up even for advanced users.
  • Reviews: Capterra - 4.6 stars | OMR: 3.5 stars


OnceHub Website - October 2023
OnceHub Website - October 2023

OnceHub not only allows you to make appointments through your booking page, but also directly in the customer chat. You can suggest appointments to leads during a live chat or via chatbots. OnceHub also lets you create contact forms for leads to book appointments and share more information about themselves and their company. It is even possible to send multiple appointment suggestions to a group. We would like to point out that OnceHub's servers are operated in the USA and the user interface is only available in English.

  • Price: free, paid plans starting at 10€ per month.
  • Languages: English
  • Integrations: Google, Microsoft, iCloud
  • Outdated interface, not up to date
  • DSGVO: No AV contract, unsafe server location as US company - risk with DSGVO compliance.
  • Usability: outdated look, not intuitive, poorly suited for beginners.
  • Reviews: Capterra - 4.6 stars | OMR: not available.


ChiliPiper Website - October 2023
ChiliPiper Website - October 2023

ChiliPiper is a tool used mainly in the sales sector, specialized in converting leads into customers. Besides the option to book appointments online, Chili Piper offers interesting options that Calendly doesn't, thanks to a feature called "Instant Booker". For example, you can specify that only qualified leads can book appointments with you. By integrating with your CRM, you can automatically route leads to the most qualified sales reps. For example, you can specify that leads from a certain industry are always routed to a specific team.

  1. Price: No free version, paid plans starting at 15USD per month.
  2. Languages: English
  3. Integrations: Google, Microsoft
  4. GDPR: No AV contract, unsafe server location as US company - risk with GDPR compliance.
  5. Ratings: Capterra - 4.4 stars | OMR: not available.

There are many alternatives of calendar solutions on the market. Zeeg is the German alternative to Calendly that helps your business automate scheduling and customer communication. Zeeg automates your work processes and optimizes your workflow by combining important apps, calendars and digital applications in one tool. Zeeg allows you to present a professional appearance with customized branding, automated messaging, and convenient appointment booking. Additionally, we take your work-life balance into account with features like vacation scheduling, buffer time, and blocked time periods. Explore Zeeg's diverse features while you try the free versions of our Calendly alternatives to find the tool that best suits you.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Calendly GDPR compliant?

Calendly, a US provider with servers in the US, collects personal data from your customers that is stored in the US. This means that the provider is not 100% GDPR compliant.

How to use Calendly?

With Calendly, appointments and meetings can be arranged online. Your customers choose a day and time and make the appointment directly on your website. They immediately receive a confirmation email and the appointment is automatically entered into your calendar.

Which tools are GDPR compliant?

There are several tools on the market that are considered GDPR compliant and comply with EU data protection regulations. It is advisable to check the privacy policies of each tool to ensure that they comply with the GDPR requirements. Zeeg is GDPR compliant.