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Optimize your appointment bookings and increase your efficiency with our intuitive workflow management system

Automatic scheduling with user-defined triggers and processes

Simplify your appointment bookings

With Zeeg Workflows, you can create custom triggers and assign actions to them. Triggers include things like event cancelations, start and end times, and new bookings. You can also assign multiple actions to each trigger, such as sending an email or SMS notification.
Event notifications
Appointment trigger

Save time for what is really important

Workflow makes it easy to automate appointments. By assigning specific triggers to actions, you can customize your notifications and schedule more time for yourself. Automated notifications ensure that your participants are always informed of any changes or updates to your appointments.

Avoid no-shows

Workflow allows you to stay in touch with your participants and make sure they are always up to date. You can assign specific notifications to each trigger, e.g. an email or SMS reminder for an upcoming appointment to prevent no-shows.
Avoid no-shows

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