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How to Craft Polite and Persuasive Meeting Request Emails With 17 Templates

December 14, 2023
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Scheduling meetings via email has become the norm in the modern professional world. With packed calendars and remote work arrangements, email allows for an asynchronous means of coordinating schedules. However, thoughtlessly sent meeting requests can come across as rude, demanding or unclear. This risks jeopardizing important relationships and opportunities before a meeting even happens.

That's why it's essential to craft polite, considerate, and professional emails when requesting someone's time. An email that warmly and clearly explains the purpose of a meeting makes participation more appealing and creates goodwill.

At Zeeg, a smart scheduling assistant company, we provide easy to use scheduling links to simplify the back and forth. But we still firmly believe meeting requests should open with a thoughtful, well-structured email.

The way you initially reach out sets expectations and tone. A polite email that expresses genuine interest and consideration of someone's availability is more likely to get a prompt, positive response. Conversely, an overly terse or unclear meeting request may be ignored or rejected.

Poorly composed requests waste recipients' time deciphering details and can negatively impact your reputation. Yet thoughtfully written emails align interests so your meeting pitch is compelling.

In this guide, we share best practices for crafting perfectly polished meeting request emails guaranteed to get results. From ideal subject lines to templates for any scenario, these superstar email compositions will have your recipients eagerly responding. Let's get started!

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Crafting the Perfect Subject Line for a Meeting Request Email

The subject line is the first impression your meeting request email makes. With crowded inboxes, a compelling subject piques interest and incentive to open.

Follow these tips for irresistible subject lines:

Get Straight to the Point

Subject lines should immediately convey a sense of the meeting’s purpose or topic. Vague, confusing, or overly clever subjects risk the email being overlooked. Aim for clarity and brevity using key details.

Good: “Requesting a Meeting About Q4 Budget Revisions”

Bad: “Let’s Circle Up!”

Use Keywords Strategically

Relevant keywords related to the recipient’s role or industry help the request stand out from other emails competing for attention. But avoid awkwardly shoehorning in lots of keywords.

Good: “Legal Consultation Regarding Trademark Infringement Case”

Bad: “Urgent Request Legal Trademark Case Infringement Help”

Keep it Short and Scannable

Concise subject lines under 50 characters make it easy for recipients to quickly grasp the gist on mobile devices or when scanned briefly.

Good: “Meeting to Discuss PR Strategy for New Product Launch”

Bad: “Hope You’ll Find Time in Your Schedule to Discuss Brainstorming Ideas for Press and Promotion Around Our New Line Launching”

General Structure of a Polite Meeting Request Email

Stating the Purpose Clearly

Carefully articulating the reason you are requesting a meeting establishes important context for the recipient. An unclear purpose leaves confusing questions lingering that may disincentivize a response. Stating the purpose explicitly right up front avoids any miscommunication or ambiguity about the meeting’s intention.

When asking busy executives and professionals for time out of their demanding schedules, clearly addressing the meeting’s purpose also conveys respect for their availability. Demonstrating you have carefully considered why precisely you need to meet shows that requesting time is not taken lightly.

For example, meeting purpose explanations could sound like:

“The purpose of our meeting would be to discuss bringing on your company as a new supplier, including proposed contract terms and logistics.”

“I would like to meet to show you the website analytics report from Q3 and brainstorm ideas for improving traffic and conversion next quarter.”

Keeping the purpose statement brief but still fully spelling out key details provides ideal clarity. After this section, you can elaborate further with additional background and talking points in the following paragraphs. But always open by succinctly stating the essence of the ask first.

Polite Email Templates for Various Meeting Scenarios

Template 1 - Introduction Meetings

Subject: Introduction Meeting Request

Hello [name],

I’m [your name], [your role] at [company]. I’m reaching out because I think there could be good synergy between our companies in the area of [purpose]. I'd love to set up an intro call to explore potential partnerships or collaborations.

I'm available next Thursday at 2pm or Friday morning. Alternatively, please feel free to schedule something directly through my calendar link: zeeg.me/intro-meeting

Look forward to connecting!

Template 2 - Follow-up Meetings

Subject: Follow-up Contract Meeting

Hi [name],

Following up on our last discussion about [summary], I have attached the [documents] we talked about reviewing. When you have a chance to look these over, I think it would be beneficial for us to meet again to walk through any open questions.

I'm free next Monday at 11am or Wednesday afternoon at 3pm for a follow-up. Or you can schedule time here: zeeg.me/contract-followup

Let me know what works best on your end!

Template 3 - Project Discussion

Subject: Project Planning Meeting


I wanted to schedule time for us to connect on the [project name] project. There are a few items I wanted to discuss in terms of scoping, resourcing, and launch timeline before getting started.

I'm available next Tuesday at 9am or Thursday at 1pm to review. You can also schedule directly here: zeeg.me/new-project

Please let me know what time works best or if you need to meet a different week.

Template 4 - Sales Appointments

Subject: Introductory Sales Meeting

Hello [name],

I’m [your name] with [company]. We provide [services relevant to prospect]. I think our offerings could provide significant value to your team in [area of need].

I'd love to set up a short intro call to demonstrate our platform and discuss any challenges you're facing that we may help solve.

I'm available next Monday at 10am or Wednesday at 2pm. Or please feel free to schedule something directly here: zeeg.me/sales-demo

Look forward to speaking!

Looking for more sales outreach templates? Follow this link 👉

Template 5 - Supervisor Meetings

Subject: Meeting Request - Q1 Goals Progress

Hi [supervisor name],

I would like to schedule time for us to meet and discuss my Q1 goals progress along with plans for Q2 targets. I have updates across my key objectives around [goals] to review with you.

I'm available next Tuesday at 11am or Thursday at 3pm for an hour. Or please feel free to schedule time here: zeeg.me/q1-review

Please let me know what works best on your end.

Template 6 - Meeting Confirmations

Subject: ConfirmingOur Meeting on [Date]

Hi [name],

I'm writing to confirm the details for our upcoming meeting scheduled for [date] at [time]. We are set to meet at [location]/hop on a Zoom call to discuss [purpose].

Please reply to confirm you are still available at that time! I look forward to connecting then and [meeting purpose]. Let me know if you need anything ahead of our discussion.

[Your name]

Template 7 - Educational/Mentorship Meetings

Subject: Requesting Mentorship Meeting

Dear [name],

I am interested in learning more about [area of expertise] from an experienced leader like yourself. I admire the success you have achieved in [area] and believe I could benefit greatly from your mentorship.

Would you have availability in the next few weeks for an informal coffee chat or 30 minute mentoring session? I'm open the week of [date] or [date]. Or please feel free to suggest time here: zeeg.me/mentor-meeting

Thank you for considering!

Template 8 -Team Meetings

Subject: [Team] Sync Up Meeting

Hi [team],

I'd like to bring our group together to sync up on recent progress across our key initiatives. I have a few updates to share and want to ensure we are aligned on upcoming milestones.

Does next Thursday at 9am or Tuesday afternoon at 2pm work for a meeting? I anticipate needing 30-45 minutes. Or select availability here: zeeg.me/team-sync

Let me know if either day/time works or propose an alternative that fits everyone's schedule!

Template 9 - Networking Requests

Subject: Coffee Chat Request

Dear [name],

I came across your profile on [LinkedIn/Alumni Network] and was very impressed by your background in [industry/field]. As someone newer to the [industry] space trying to expand my professional connections, I would love the opportunity to take you out for coffee and get your insight on the industry landscape and key players.

Would you have 30-45 minutes in the next couple weeks to meet up? I'm available next Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon. Or please feel free to suggest a time here: zeeg.me/networking-coffee

Thank you for considering! I look forward to hopefully connecting soon.

Template 10 - Medical Consultations

Subject: Consultation Appointment Request

Dear Dr. [name],

I am experiencing [symptoms] that are negatively impacting my quality of life. I did some research and believe I may benefit from consulting with a specialist like yourself to explore treatment options.

Do you have any availability in the next 2-3 weeks for a consultation appointment? The sooner we can meet, the better. I am open to meeting before work hours, during lunch, or after 5pm on weekdays. Or please suggest some times here: zeeg.me/patient-consult

Please let me know if you have appointments available. I look forward to learning more about how you can help address my condition.

Thank you,
[Your name]
[Contact info]

Template 11 - Colleague One-on-One Meetings

Subject: Requesting One-on-One Meeting

Hi [name],

I greatly enjoy working with you on [projects/tasks] and always appreciate your unique perspective. I think it would be mutually beneficial for us to have more formal one-on-one meetings outside of our usual day-to-day interactions.

This would give us a chance to align more strategically on shared goals, surface blockers earlier, and further build our working relationship. Would you have time the week of [date] or [date] for an initial one-on-one meeting? I anticipate needing 30 minutes. Or you can suggest time here: zeeg.me/team-sync

Please let me know if you'd be open to scheduling recurring check-ins!

Template 12 - Client Presentations

Subject: [Company] Capabilities Presentation

Dear [client name],

My colleagues and I at [company] greatly appreciated learning more about [client company's] goals and challenges at our last meeting. As discussed, I have put together a presentation highlighting some of our key capabilities and offerings that could address the needs we talked about.

When you have a moment, would you be able to review the attached presentation? I would love to then schedule a follow-up virtual meeting to walk through the deck together and answer any additional questions.

I'm available [date/time] and [date/time]. Or please feel free to suggest time here to meet: zeeg.me/new-biz-presentation

Let me know what works best for you!

Template 13 - Job Interview Requests

Subject: Requesting Interview

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am extremely interested in the open [position] role at [company] and believe my skills and experience make me a strong candidate. After reviewing the job description, I am confident I can add value and thrive in this position if given the opportunity.

I have attached my resume detailing my background. Would you have time in the coming weeks to meet with me to discuss the role and my qualifications? I'm open to meeting before/after work hours or during lunch breaks. I could also make myself available next Saturday. Or please feel free to suggest interview times here: zeeg.me/job-interview

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear back regarding scheduling an initial interview.

[Your name]

Template 14 - Collaborative Project Meetings

Subject: [Project] Alignment Meeting

Hi [project team],

Now that we're all assigned to the [project name] project, I thought it would be beneficial for us to meet as a project team before diving further in. This would allow us to discuss interests and strengths, align on goals and guiding principles upfront, and set norms for working effectively together.

I have availability next Tuesday at 2pm or Thursday morning at 10am for an initial team alignment meeting. Or go ahead and suggest times here that work for you: zeeg.me/new-team-kickoff

Let's find time in the next week or so to make sure we get off on the right foot!

Looking forward to collaborating,
[Your name]

Template 15 - Legal Consultations

Subject: Requesting Legal Consultation

Dear [attorney name],

I am seeking legal counsel regarding [brief explanation of situation]. Based on your background helping clients with [relevant experience], I believe your expertise could be greatly beneficial to my case.

Would you have availability in the next couple weeks for an initial consultation? I'm open to meeting Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Or please suggest some times here that work with your schedule: zeeg.me/attorney-meeting

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to discussing my situation and potential representation options.

[Your name]

Template 16 - Feedback and Review Meetings

Subject: Requesting Mid-Year Review Meeting

Hi [manager name],

I hope this email finds you well! I can't believe we're already halfway through 2023 - how time flies! I know mid-year reviews are coming up and wanted to request setting up some time to meet.

Are you available early next week on Monday at 2pm or Wednesday morning at 9am? Or suggest a time here: zeeg.me/midyear-review

Let me know what works for you. Looking forward to reflecting on the past six months and setting goals for the rest of the year!

Thank you,
[Your name]

Template 17 - Training Sessions

Subject: Meeting Request for [Software] Training

Hi [name],

The team has expressed interest in receiving some formal training from you on best practices for [design software]. We have a number of new hires still ramping up and believe an overview from someone as skilled as yourself would greatly accelerate everyone's learning.

Do you have availability in the next few weeks to deliver either a virtual or in-person session? Thinking no more than an hour.

I could gather interest for late next week on Thursday or Friday if either works for you? Or go ahead and suggest possible times here: zeeg.me/training-sesh

Let me know, thanks! Looking forward to us all leveling up.

[Your name]


Crafting polite, professional emails makes meeting request interactions positive and productive for all parties. Taking the time to clearly explain your purpose and suggest thoughtful scheduling options establishes you as organized, conscientious, and engaged.

While thoughtfully composed emails take more initial effort, they pay dividends through more willing participation, faster responses, and reduced logistical back and forth. Setting positive expectations creates goodwill to build stronger relationships.

We encourage utilizing best practices like:

  • Being clear, brief, and specific in subject lines so the email gets opened
  • Warmly addressing recipients and stating purpose upfront
  • Providing background details to demonstrate importance
  • Suggesting flexibility around availability while offering options
  • Expressively gratitude for their consideration

Zeeg can simplify the back and forth of coordinating schedules. Sign up for a free trial or book a demo to see how Zeeg can optimize scheduling efficiency.

Following the templates and tips provided here empowers you to create winning meeting requests that lead to prompt, positive responses from recipients. Saving contact frustration ultimately saves everyone precious time while fostering productive collaboration and relationships.