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20 B2B cold email outreach templates for sales success

January 30, 2024
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Cold email outreach is becoming increasingly challenging, with response rates lower than ever. However, cold email remains one of the most effective channels for initiating new B2B sales conversations when executed correctly. The key is crafting compelling emails tailored to prospects that convey the value you provide.

With personalized and well-written emails, you can cut through the noise to deliver your message while complying with strict regulations. You can achieve up to 80% higher response rates for personalized cold emails compared to generic messages.

This guide will provide templates and best practices to help you create high-converting cold emails that spark interest and motivate responses. With the right strategy, you can open new conversations and opportunities through effective cold outreach.

We’ll cover foundational components of crafting effective emails, like highlighting relevance and showcasing value. We’ll also outline cold email regulations so you can ensure compliance. From initial outreach to following up with prospects, we offer data-backed templates you can customize to lock in more sales meetings.

With these B2B cold email templates in hand, you’ll be equipped to maximize response rates and accelerate pipeline growth through more productive sales conversations.

How to craft compelling B2B Sales Emails

Successful cold email outreach starts with understanding what motivates prospects to open messages and respond. Unlike consumer outreach, B2B prospects consider how your offering drives business goals when deciding to engage.

Your emails should quickly communicate relevance to their priorities. This means mentioning their company name, specific needs, shared connections, or industry pain points they likely experience. Personalization establishes credibility that you understand their requirements and can provide value.

Once you have their attention in the email, effectively conveying your value prop is critical for responses. This means highlighting product capabilities that map to challenges they face. For example, metrics around increased sales productivity or cost reduction resonate with decision makers.

Back up your claims with evidence like customer testimonials, awards, or case studies to lend third-party validation. This quantifies how you can impact sales efficiency, pipeline velocity, and other metrics they aim to improve. With a compelling value prop grounded in relevance to their role and company, your emails will spark engagement.

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B2B Sales Email Templates for Cold Outreach

Initial Introduction Emails

1. Introduction to Your Product/Service

Dear [Name],

As a leader in [your industry], I wanted to introduce you to [Your Company's] [product/service]. We help companies like [Name of Company] [key benefit 1], [key benefit 2], and [key benefit 3]. Given [Company Name’s] [goals/expansion plans/etc], I thought our [product/service] could be a great fit to help you [key business outcome].

I'd love to schedule a quick intro call to demonstrate our platform and how it can support your specific initiatives. Are you available next Thursday at 3pm EST for 15 minutes? If not, please suggest an alternate time that works for you or just pick a time from here: [zeeg.me/your-name].

Look forward to speaking soon!

[Your name]

2. Leveraging Mutual Connections

Dear [Name],

[Mutual connection name] suggested I reach out about [Your Company]. She mentioned you were looking for a solution to [goals/challenges] and thought our [product/service] could be a great fit.

As background, [Your Company] helps companies drive [key outcome] through our [key features]. Current customers like [Company 1], [Company 2], and [Company 3] have seen [impressive metrics] since partnering with us.

Please let me know if you have 30 minutes next week for a quick intro call to demo our platform and discuss if we might be a good partner.

[Your name]

3. Expressing Genuine Interest in Their Business

Subject: Learning more about [Company’s] growth plans

Dear [Name],

I’ve been very impressed with [Company’s] rapid expansion over the past few years. As you continue growing, I understand you may face challenges related to [common challenges in their industry].

At [Your company], we help clients solve [relevant challenges] through our [product/service]. I would genuinely enjoy an opportunity to learn more about [Company’s] growth roadmap and see if there are any ways we can add value.

Would you have time for a 30 minute call next Tuesday at 2pm EST? I'm happy to work around what fits your schedule best.

I look forward to speaking soon!

[Your name]

4. Unveiling Exclusive Features

Subject: Try these new [product] features before we announce

Hi [Name],

We are gearing up to launch some exciting new [product] features that specifically help [prospect's industry] companies increase growth and manage risk. As an exclusive preview just for [Company]:

[List 2-3 features relevant to their business]

Before we announce the upgrades publicly next month, I wanted to offer you early access to try the tools out. Would you have 30 minutes to jump on a product demo at either 10am CST or 3pm CST on Thursday?
Let me know what works best or if another time is preferable. Look forward to showing you the latest innovations!

[Your name]

5. Aligning Solutions with Their Goals

Subject: How we can help [Company] achieve [X growth/cost/risk related goal]

Dear [Name],

I understand [Company’s] [services/offerings] have been growing rapidly, so staying ahead likely involves important goals related to [goal area].

My team specializes in helping enterprise clients manage [type of challenge] to fuel sustainable growth through our [offering]. Some of the key ways we can provide value:
[3 Capabilities Matched to Stated Goals]

I would love to learn more about your targets in a quick 30 minute discussion and get your thoughts on whether my team’s specialized expertise could benefit your expansion plans.

Let me know if you have availability early next week or book some time via my calendar: [zeeg.me/your-name]

[Your name]

Value Proposition Emails

6. Addressing Pain Points Directly

Subject: Solutions for [Company’s] [pain point 1] and [pain point 2]

Dear [Name],

From researching [Company] and speaking with peers in your industry, I understand [pain point 1] and [pain point 2] are common challenges for leading [industries] like yours.

At [Your company], we address these specific issues through:
- [Solution 1]
- [Solution 2]
- [Solution 3]

I would love to schedule a quick call to demonstrate how our [offering] drives proven results related to [pain point 1] and [pain point 2] - most clients see a [XX]% improvement within 6 months.

Are you free for 30 minutes next Tuesday at 3pm EST? Simply reply to confirm a time works for you if interested.

Look forward to speaking!
[Your name]

7. Customizing Solutions for Their Needs

Subject: Custom [offering] for [Company's] growth

Dear [Name],

Given [Company’s] specialized work in [niche area], I wanted to highlight how we can fully customize our [offering] specifically for your operational needs as you scale new verticals.

For instance, some key functionalities we can tailor include:

[2-3 custom capabilities]

We work closely with our [niche] clients to shape solutions that empower their strategic objectives. Would you have time next Monday at 11am EST to overview where our customizable platform can best support your expansion roadmap?

I look forward to learning more about your goals and determining how we can best collaborate.
[Your name]

8. Success Stories in Similar Industries

Subject: Case study: How we helped [example client] achieve [results]

Hi [Name],

As context for the value [Your Company] provides, I wanted to highlight a recent success story with a client facing similar challenges as [Company Name].

[Example Client Company] struggled with [problem 1] and [problem 2] which crippled their growth efforts. Since partnering with us 8 months ago and leveraging our [offering], they have:

[3 Business Results / Stats]

I’d be happy to schedule a quick call to walk through their situation in more detail and discuss if similar solutions can drive meaningful progress for [Company Name]. Feel free to schedule any time that works for you via this link: [zeeg.me/your-name].

Let me know what timing works on your end!
[Your name]

9. Proposing Tailored Demonstrations

Subject: Quick [product] demo customized for [company’s needs]

Dear [Name],

I understand [Company] aims to [goal/objective] within the next [x months]. Our [product] helps companies address this exact challenge through:

[2 Capabilities Matched to Stated Goal]

Would you have 30 minutes this week for me to showcase a brief customized demo? I’ll tailor it specifically to illustrate how these key features can impact [company’s needs, initiatives].

Please let me know if Tuesday morning or another time works better. Happy to schedule whenever fits!

[Your name]

10. Industry-Relevant Insights

Subject: Market trends shaping [their industry] in 2023

Hi [Name],

As business leaders in [industry], I wanted to share [Your Company’s] perspective on 3 key trends that will shape market dynamics in 2023:

[List of 3 stats/trends tailored to their vertical]

Understanding and adapting to these developments will be vital for companies like [Company Name] to retain a competitive edge. I'm happy to schedule a quick session to discuss these trends as well as best practices we recommend based on experience with other industry leaders.

Let me know if you have availability on Monday or Wednesday next week!

[Your name]

Follow-Up Emails

11. Gentle Follow-Up After No Response

Subject: Checking in on my previous message

Dear [Name],

I wanted to check if you received my earlier email about [Your Company’s] [offering] and addressing some key [challenges they likely face]. I know inboxes can easily get crowded, so apologies if it got buried!

As a quick recap, we help leading [industries] like [Company Name] drive [2-3 key business outcomes] through:
- [Value prop 1]
- [Value prop 2]

Please let me know if you’d like to connect briefly to learn more. Happy to make myself available whenever it works for you.

Look forward to hearing back!

[Your name]

12. Providing Additional Information

Subject: Additional details on [Your Company]

Dear [Name],

Per my last message about [Your Company’s offering], I wanted to provide some additional details that may be helpful as you evaluate solutions:

[2-3 relevant capabilities/testimonials/case studies]

Please let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to further discuss our experience and proven success empowering companies like [Company Name] to hit growth, efficiency, and customer experience targets.

Simply suggest a few times next week that could work for a quick call.
Speak soon,
[Your name]

13. Suggesting a Quick Call or Meeting

Subject: Exploring partnership opportunities

Hi [Name],

Since my last outreach, I was hoping we could find time to connect briefly to explore whether [Your Company] may be a fit to support [Company’s] growth initiatives long term.

Specifically, I think it could be valuable to discuss:
[2 potential discussion topics to frame value]

Would next Tuesday at 11am CST or Thursday at 3pm CST work for a 20 minute intro call? Please suggest another time if those don’t align with your availability.

I look forward to speaking further!

[Your name]

14. Offering a Second Chance Discount

Subject: Addressing [pain point] with our Mid-Year Offer

Dear [Name],

I understand you were looking into solutions to address [pain point] when we last spoke. As promised, I wanted to extend a special 25% Mid-Year offer for [Your Solution] reserved for select clients like [Company Name].

This limited-time discount allows you to [key benefit 1], [key benefit 2], and [key benefit 3] at a lower cost to impact [critical metric] this quarter.

Reach out by Friday 6/30 to take advantage of these savings for onboarding in Q3 2023. I know timing and budget didn't align earlier, so please feel free to grab the phone or reply if now is a better fit.

Talk soon,
[Your name]

15. Highlighting Urgency and Scarcity

Subject: Last chance for [exclusive offer details]

Dear [Name],

I wanted to highlight that spots remain open for [Company Name] to join our [rare partnership/beta program/early access event] as discussed previously.

However, we plan to select the final partners by the end of next week to begin collaborating. So if interested in securing a coveted spot, please let me know in the next few days.

This is a unique chance to [benefit 1], [benefit 2] and [benefit 3] before we expand the initiative later next quarter. But act quickly, as the window is closing!

I hope the timing now aligns better on your end. Please reply if you would still like to move forward together.

[Your name]

Addressing Pain Points

16. Acknowledging Industry Challenges

Subject: Navigating [common industry challenge]

Dear [Name],

As an expert in the [their industry] space, you’re likely facing urgent challenges related to [common problem 1], [common problem 2], and [common problem 3] given economic conditions.

I can imagine juggling these issues while trying to deliver strong business results this quarter. I wanted to introduce solutions from [Your Company] tailored to the specific pain points [industry] leaders face today.

Would you have 30 minutes next Tuesday to overview proven approaches to mastering top market challenges right now?

Happy to make myself available whenever it works best on your end!

[Your name]

17. Offering Tailored Solutions to Pain Points

Subject: Addressing [Company’s] top priorities

Hi [Name],

From our research and background in your vertical, I understand [Priority #1] and [Priority #2] are likely urgent focus areas for [Company] this year.

At [Your company], our trusted [offering] helps leading enterprises like yours tackle those exact challenges through:

[2-3 capabilities matched to their priorities]

I’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how our targeted solutions can resolve specific pain points on your agenda in a 30 minute session. Are you available next Monday at 2pm EST?

Look forward to learning more about your goals and determining how we can best assist.

[Your name]

18. Providing In-Depth Pain Point Analysis

Subject: Evaluation of core challenges for [Company]

Dear [Name],

I wanted to share an analysis that our team recently conducted outlining key obstacles that leading [industries like theirs] face in achieving sustainable growth:

[Summary of 3 Main Issues with Supporting Data]

Based on [Company’s] business model and long-term objectives, I believe [Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3] represent overarching challenges that likely resonate. I'd be happy to outline proven frameworks to address these pain points during a quick introductory call.

Please let me know if you have availability early next week so I can share relevant strategies in more detail.

[Your name]

19. Demonstrating Your Understanding of Their Struggles

Subject: Vision for resolving [Company’s] challenges

Hi [Name],

I deeply empathize with the complications [list specific struggles] pose while you try moving [Company] forward ambitiously. Having guided leaders facing similar adversity, I appreciate how demoralizing those barriers can be.

However, by taking proactive measures and applying tested playbooks, you can overcome what feels impossible currently to reignite momentum. I have tangible solutions in mind. I'd be eager to demo that can ease key pain points if you're open to discussing.

Please suggest a few times next week that could work for an exploratory call.

Warm Regards,
[Your name]

20. Suggesting Proactive Measures to Alleviate Concerns

Subject: Precautions in response to changing [regulation/policy]

Dear [Namel],

I understand leaders in the [industry] space have urgent concerns regarding [disruptive situation]. Having helped clients weather volatility, I wanted to start a discussion on smart precautions to alleviate uncertainty.

Specifically, [Your Company] advises [3 Proactive Measures] during periods of disruption to limit financial/operational exposure:

My calendar is flexible next week if you have 30 minutes to connect and discuss other contingency strategies relevant to [Company's] planning.

Hope to speak further soon!

[Your name]


In closing, effectively leveraging cold email to open up new sales opportunities remains an impactful yet challenging endeavor. With the right strategy and messaging tailored to the prospect's needs, you stand a much better chance of connecting.

As outlined across the numerous email templates - the keys to driving engagement and responses include:

  • Personalization & Relevance - Never take a one-size-fits-all generic approach. Research the prospect's company and role to incorporate details demonstrating you understand their situation and can provide real value.
  • Conveying Value - Whether it’s addressing pain points or aligning capabilities to their goals, ensure emails quantify how your solution can impact metrics they care about at their organization. Back up claims with evidence.
  • Follow Up Diligently - Prospects get busy and messages can slip through the cracks. Follow up gently emphasizing continued interest in helping them achieve priorities. Add fresh value highlighting new options like special discounts.

Mastering the mix of relevance, value, and persistence outlined here can significantly move the needle on conversion rates from cold outreach. Prospects want to feel understood and sell solutions catered specifically to what they care about. Keep that personal focus as your guiding light.

The templates and best practices provided apply across first contact, follow-ups, re-engaging past leads and other common scenarios. Feel free to tailor messaging while adhering to the core principles driving B2B engagement.

Now equipped with data-backed cold email templates, you have an advantage reaching the right prospects with the right message at the right time - the winning formula to succeed with cold outreach.

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