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Microsoft Bookings alternative - How to optimize appointment scheduling with Zeeg

December 14, 2023

Many companies and self-employed people use Microsoft Bookings as a practical solution for their appointment planning and management. The integration into Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook enables a clear organization of appointments and customer contacts. In principle, Microsoft Bookings offers a solid appointment booking solution that is appreciated by many users.

However, as appointment requests grow and the number of customers increases, certain limitations become apparent. The customization options are limited and it is not possible to add your own company logo or individual content. Being tied to Microsoft products can also be a hindrance if partners and customers prefer other systems such as Google Calendar.

Despite its advantages, Microsoft Bookings can therefore reach its limits as scheduling requirements increase. A flexible and powerful alternative that meets the highest data protection standards is therefore worth a look for many companies.

In this blog article, we present Zeeg as a professional alternative to Microsoft Bookings. Zeeg specifically eliminates the limitations of Microsoft Bookings and offers extensive customization options, integration capability and team functionalities.

Whether you're struggling with Microsoft Bookings or simply looking for a modern online appointment booking solution, this article will help you find out if Zeeg is the best choice for your business. We will show you the concrete advantages of Zeeg and help you make the right decision.

The core features of Microsoft Bookings

To better understand the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Bookings, we help with an overview of the core functions. Microsoft Bookings is primarily an appointment booking solution for companies that is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook.

The basic functions include appointment scheduling, resource management, customer management, reminders via email and SMS as well as evaluations and reports. Companies can create individual or recurring appointments, schedule resources and employees. Customers can then book appointments online via the company's booking page.

Microsoft Bookings automatically synchronizes all appointments and customer contacts with Outlook. This means that the company always has a central overview of appointment scheduling. The automatic e-mail and SMS reminders that can be sent to customers before the appointment are also practical.

The appointment overview allows busy and free times to be seen at a glance. This helps to avoid appointment clashes and simplify the scheduling process. In addition, the integrated evaluations and reports provide valuable insights into appointment utilization and customer activities.

Microsoft Bookings thus covers the basic tasks of appointment scheduling and management. It is operated via the browser, so no installation is required. As an integration in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Bookings is aimed at existing Microsoft customers.

However, certain limitations become apparent with increasing use. The customization options are very limited and restricted to adding a logo and colors. Team functionalities such as collective events and round robin events are also not present. For flexible appointment solutions with a high degree of customization options, Microsoft Bookings therefore has its limits.

Criteria for choosing a Microsoft Bookings alternative

Given the limitations of Microsoft Bookings, companies should carefully consider the options for alternatives. The following criteria play an important role (A more in-depth overview of online scheduling functionalities can be found here):

  • Integration capability: An appointment booking solution that can be integrated into existing systems is desirable. In addition to Microsoft Office 365, compatibility with Google Workspace, Zoom, WebEx, Zapier and other tools is also an advantage.
  • Customizability: A flexible design with logo, images, colors and own content should be possible. This allows the appointment page to be tailored to the corporate identity.
  • Team functions: Collaboration features such as shared calendars, automatic appointment scheduling and resource management are particularly practical for working together in companies.
  • Cost-benefit ratio: The costs should be transparent and fair. A free basic version with the option of a premium upgrade is ideal for many companies.
  • Support: Customer support ensures quick and uncomplicated help with questions or problems.

An alternative to Microsoft Bookings should meet these criteria in the best possible way in order to sustainably improve the organization of appointments and avoid risks.

The Microsoft Bookings alternative Zeeg

Zeeg was developed to offer a powerful and more flexible alternative to Microsoft Bookings that makes no compromises in terms of functionality and user-friendliness.

Zeeg integrates seamlessly into existing systems such as Google Workspace, Office 365, Zoom and other common tools. Appointments scheduled in Zeeg automatically appear in Google Calendar or Outlook. This saves tedious double entry of appointments.

The customization options are a major advantage of Zeeg. Companies can easily integrate their logo, images, colors and their own content into the appointment page. This means that Zeeg can be fully adapted to the company's CI for a professional presentation.

The collaboration functions make Zeeg the ideal solution for teams and group appointments. Collective Events can be used to find the best times for a meeting. With Round Robin, Zeeg automatically distributes the appointments to the available employees.

Zeeg is offered in a free basic version that includes all core functions. Fairly priced premium packages are available for extended features. 24/7 customer service is available to help with any questions.

All in all, Zeeg meets all the important criteria as a Microsoft Bookings alternative: Data protection, integration capability, customization options, collaboration and fair prices. Companies will find Zeeg to be the ideal online appointment booking solution.

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What does Microsoft Bookings do?

Despite the limitations of increasing requirements, Microsoft Bookings offers a solid scheduling solution for simple use cases. Here is an overview of what Microsoft Bookings can do:

  • Simple appointment planning and management via a browser. No installation necessary.
  • Automatic synchronization of appointments and customers with Outlook. Always a central overview.
  • Customers can book appointments online on the booking page.
  • Automatic reminders by e-mail and SMS before appointments.
  • Appointment overview shows booked and free times at a glance.
  • Reports on appointment utilization and customer activity can be exported as PDF.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook.

For small companies with a manageable number of appointments, Microsoft Bookings therefore covers the basic tasks well. It is easy to use and requires little training.

However, the customization options, data protection standards and collaboration functions reach their limits in more extensive application scenarios. Companies that are growing rapidly or require global solutions should therefore evaluate Microsoft Bookings critically.

Overall, Microsoft Bookings is a solid basic solution for simple appointment scheduling within Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook. However, with increasing complexity and for extended requirements, alternative solutions such as Zeeg have a clear advantage..

Integration of Microsoft bookings in Office 365

A major advantage of Microsoft Bookings is its deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook. This enables seamless appointment organization:

  • Appointments from Bookings are automatically transferred to Outlook and vice versa.
  • Customer contacts are synchronized between Bookings and Outlook.
  • Employees can store their working hours and vacations in Outlook. These are then taken into account when scheduling appointments in Bookings.
  • The one-click installation of Bookings takes place via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  • Updates and new functions are available immediately without the need for manual updates.
  • Support and bug fixes are covered by the existing Microsoft 365 business plans.

For companies that already use Microsoft 365, this deep integration is of course a great advantage. However, there is also a strong link to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Alternatives such as Zeeg offer greater flexibility, as they also integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Outlook, but also with other systems such as Google Calendar. This leaves all options open.

Conclusion - Is it worth switching from Microsoft Bookings to Zeeg?

In this article, we have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Bookings and compared it with Zeeg as a more powerful alternative. Let's summarize the most important points:

  • Microsoft Bookings offers a basic appointment solution with integration into Microsoft 365, which is very practical for simple use cases.
  • However, with growing appointment requests and increasing complexity, Microsoft Bookings reaches its limits. It lacks customization options, expandability and extensive team features.
  • As a powerful alternative, Zeeg meets all the requirements of a modern scheduling solution. It offers data protection, flexibility, collaboration and user-friendly functions.
  • Thanks to the integration options, Zeeg remains open to different systems. The migration from Microsoft Bookings is unproblematic.
  • By switching to Zeeg, companies can benefit from a provider with fair prices without having to compromise on functionality.

Overall, Zeeg is a professional and future-proof solution for scheduling teams and companies in Germany. Switching from Microsoft Bookings is worthwhile in most cases and brings clear advantages.

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