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32 Email templates to share your scheduling link politely

January 26, 2024
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Sharing scheduling links has become an integral part of professional communication and coordination. However, asking others for their time also requires care, consideration, and politeness to build positive relationships. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 24 email templates for politely requesting and confirming meetings across common workplace contexts - from sales outreaches to client relations, recruitments, professional collaborations, education, healthcare, and more.

The goal is to equip professionals with clear yet thoughtful language to include scheduling links in emails efficiently while maintaining etiquette. Well-structured templates help convey key details at a glance, while personalized touches and polite phrasing foster goodwill. Getting the tone and format right goes a long way towards making outstanding impressions, upholding values, and enabling mutual understanding.o

We will delve into templates tailored for different industries and use cases. The examples demonstrate principles of effective communication - clarity, brevity, specificity, and a considerate style. Placeholders for customizable details remind professionals to include the necessary logistics. Most importantly, direct links to scheduling pages are incorporated in each template for smooth meeting coordination. Zeeg can help you to create scheduling links for your business.

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Generic Outreach Email Templates to share your scheduling link

Template 1: Introduction and Availability

Subject: Meeting Request - Introduction and Exploring Shared Goals

Dear [name],

I wanted to introduce myself and request a 30-minute meeting to understand your background and explore areas where we may have shared goals. As a [your role] at [your company], I am focused on [key responsibilities and initiatives] which seem relevant based on your work in [their field/industry].

I am available on [date] at [time] or propose some options that work for you via my calendaring link: [zeeg.me/myname]

During our meeting, I hoped to cover:

  • Our respective backgrounds and ongoing projects
  • Shared interests, visions, and synergies
  • Possibilities for collaboration and mutual support

I look forward to learning more about your work and seeing if there may be potential alignments between our efforts. Please let me know if you would also like to cover any other topics in our initial discussion.

[Your name]

Template 2: Follow-Up Request for Scheduling

Subject: Following Up on Meeting Request

Dear [name],

I hope you have been doing well since my last outreach. I wanted to follow up regarding the meeting request I had shared with you over email on [date] to connect over shared interests in [area of common interest].

Please let me know if you would still be open to an initial 30-minute video call to exchange our respective backgrounds and explore any collaboration opportunities between [your company/role] and my work with [your initiatives].

If you have availability next week, I am happy to schedule a meeting via my scheduling link here: [zeeg.me/myname]

Some proposed agenda items:

  • High-level overview of our ongoing projects
  • Synergies observed between our work
  • Potential next steps for collaborations

I understand you must be quite busy and apologize for any inconvenience if now is not the right time. I am still very enthusiastic about learning from your experiences, so do let me know whenever exploring partnerships could fit into your schedule.

Best regards,

[Your name]

Template 3: General Scheduling Inquiry

Subject: Meeting Request - Exploring Shared Interests

Dear [name],

I came across your [paper/article/project] on [topic] and found your insights on [key ideas relevant to their work] very intriguing. As someone involved in [your field/areas of expertise] as well, I would be very interested in scheduling a meeting to exchange perspectives.

Please let me know if you have availability in the next couple of weeks for a 30-45 minute video call to discuss our common interests. I have included my scheduling link below to view my availability and directly schedule something that aligns with your schedule: [zeeg.me/myname]

While exploring our shared curiosities around [topic], some discussion points I hoped we could cover include:

  • Our current projects and focus within [field]
  • Insights from your recent [research/publication]
  • Emerging trends and innovations to watch out for
  • Possibilities for idea exchange or collaborations

I look forward to continuing the conversation. Please suggest any other discussion topics you would like to add to the agenda as well. Have a wonderful week ahead!


[Your name]

Template 4: Exploring Collaboration Opportunities

Subject: Meeting Request - Exploring Potential Collaborations

Dear [name],

I hope this email finds you well. We have not been in touch since [context where you last interacted]. As I was reviewing projects within [your industry/field], I thought of some potential areas where we could collaborate.

I would love to schedule some time to explore where our complementary skill sets could enhance specific initiatives for mutual benefit. Are you available for a 30 minute video call on [date] at [time]? If that timing does not work with your schedule, please feel free to suggest an alternative that is convenient for you using my scheduling link here: [zeeg.me/myname]

The key objectives I had in mind for an initial discussion are:

  • Share updates on latest projects and areas of focus
  • Explore potential collaborations on [new research project, content development, event planning etc]
  • Identify next steps for high-potential partnership opportunities

I look forward to continuing our conversation. Please let me know if you have any other agenda items to cover as well during our meeting. Have a wonderful day!

Best regards,

[Your name]

Sales Outreach Email Templates to share a scheduling link

Template 5: Product/Service Demo Scheduling Request

Subject: Scheduling a Demo of [Product/Service]

Dear [name],

We last connected at [event/meeting] where you showed interest in our [product/service]. I wanted to follow up about scheduling a demo.

Our [product/service] helps [top 1-2 capabilities]. Based on your [goals/needs], I believe there is strong potential fit.

Please let me know if you have 30 minutes in the next couple weeks for a demo where I can walk through key capabilities, answer questions, and explore fit with your priorities. You can schedule directly here: [zeeg.me/myname]

In our discussion, I hope to cover:

  • Your initiatives and requirements
  • Demo of key features
  • Q&A on functionality

I look forward to speaking further and aligning on a convenient time via my scheduling link above.

Best regards,

[Your name]

Template 6: Follow-Up on Sales Meeting

Subject: Following Up on Our Discussion

Dear [name],

I wanted to thank you once again for taking the time to meet with me yesterday and learn more about [product/service]. Based on our discussion, it seems like our offering could be a great fit to help streamline your [key initiatives/goals discussed].

As next steps, I can organize a more detailed demo focusing specifically on the functionality that would best address your use cases. Please let me know if you have 30-45 minutes next Monday or Wednesday for a follow-up demo session. You can schedule directly through my calendar link here whenever convenient: [zeeg.me/myname]

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any other details in the meantime or have additional agenda items for our next discussion. Talk soon!

Best regards,

[Your name]

Template 7: Scheduling Follow-Up for Negotiations

Subject: Following Up on Our Recent Discussions

Dear [name],

I really enjoyed exploring potential areas for partnership in our last conversation. As discussed, I will share details around pricing models and options for more customization based on the use cases we talked through.

Once you have had a chance to review with your team, I would love to schedule 30 minutes to discuss any open questions and negotiate potential next steps. Please let me know what date and time works best in the next 2 weeks and I can get that into our calendars: [zeeg.me/myname]

Please suggest any specific points of clarification or negotiation topics you would like to table in this next discussion so I can prepare accordingly on our side as well. Looking forward to further conversations!


[Your name]

Template 8: Proposal Discussion and Scheduling

Subject: Scheduling Proposal Presentation

Dear [name],

I really enjoyed our recent conversations and am excited by the level of interest you have expressed in our [products/services]. As promised, please find attached our formal proposal for [summary of offering and services proposed].

Once you and your stakeholders have had a chance to review the proposal details, I would love to schedule a meeting to walkthrough our suggested approach, discuss any final questions, negotiate any open points, and hopefully finalize next steps for engagement.

Please let me know if you have availability late next week for 60-90 minutes where I can present our proposal, discuss optimizations for your use cases, and ultimately come to mutually agreeable pilot terms. You can select a slot that fits your schedule best via my calendar link below: [zeeg.me/myname]

Looking forward to further discussions around formalizing this partnership. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in advance if you need any clarification while reviewing our proposal document as well.

Best regards,

[Your name]

The sales outreach email templates provided common starting sequences for product demonstrations, pricing follow-up and proposals. For specialized cold outreach templates to help score meetings with prospects across industries, refer to this stellar compilation: 20 B2B Cold Email Outreach Templates for Sales Success

Recruitment Email Templates for sharing a scheduling link

Template 9: Interview Scheduling Inquiry

Subject: Scheduling Interview Availability

Dear [name],

Thank you for your application for the [role] position at [company]. Your background and experience in [relevant areas] seem like a great potential fit for this opportunity based on our initial review.

I would like to schedule a 30 minute introductory interview to cover your interest in this role, align on expectations, and discuss qualifications in more detail. Please let me know your availability in the coming week and I can get a calendar invitation booked. Feel free to schedule directly through the link below as well: [zeeg.me/myname]

During our chat, I was hoping we could discuss:

  • Your motivation for applying and interest in this opportunity
  • Overview of your past experiences and capabilities
  • Salary expectations and timeline considerations

Please come prepared to share highlights of projects and accomplishments that would be relevant for this role. I look forward to furthering conversations and appreciate your time in advance.


[Your name]

Template 10: Follow-Up on Job Application

Subject: Following Up Regarding [Role] Application

Dear [name],

I hope you have been doing well. I wanted to check in regarding your application for the [role] position at [company] that you submitted on [date]. Please let me know if you are still interested in being considered for this opportunity.

If you are still keen to move forward, I would like to schedule a 30-45 minute phone interview to understand your background and interest in our company better. Please suggest some availability windows over the next week and I can get a calendar meeting scheduled. You can also indicate your preferences directly in my calendar here: [zeeg.me/myname]

I look forward to further discussions and learning more about your qualifications for this position. Please prepare 2-3 examples that would showcase your achievements relevant for this function. Talk soon!

Thank you,

[Your name]

Template 11: Interview Confirmation and Details

Subject: Confirming Interview Schedule & Details

Dear [name],

I am reaching out to confirm we are meeting this Friday, [date] at [time] via Zoom for the [role] position interview.

Please let me know if anything changes with your availability or if you need the call details resent. If needed, you can also reschedule via my calendar link here: [zeeg.me/myname]

For your preparation:

  • 30 minute session
  • Opportunity to walk through your background and interest fit

Please come prepared to share 2 relevant work examples. I have attached the job description for reference as well.

Kindly confirm you received this and can still make the scheduled time. Reach out with any issues otherwise we look forward to discussing on Friday!


[Your name]

Template 12: Second Round Interview Scheduling

Subject: Scheduling Next Round Interview

Dear [name],

It was lovely speaking in our initial interview and learning more about your background and motivations. Based on our discussion, I believe your experiences could be a great fit for our [role] position priorities.

I would like to progress you through to the next round of interviews for further evaluation by other members of our team. Please select a timeslot in the next week that works for a 60-90 minute virtual session with key stakeholders. I'm happy to get something formalized on our calendars: [zeeg.me/yourcompany]

Look forward to scheduling this session soon. Let me know if you need any other preparation details in advance.


[Your name]

The recruiting email templates covered common early stage outreach needs. If you are in later stages of the hiring process and looking for specific examples of thoughtful interview confirmation emails, see this exemplary guide: 16 Job Interview Confirmation Email Templates and Samples.

Networking Email Templates including a scheduling link

Template 13: Networking Event Follow-Up

Subject: Great Meeting You!

Dear [name],

So wonderful to meet you at [Event]! I loved hearing about your impressive work with [projects relevant to them].

I'm currently focused on [your initiatives] - areas I think could strongly intersect with your efforts. I'd genuinely welcome more time to continue our conversation and explore potential synergies.

Please let me know if you might be open to meeting for coffee or a virtual chat in the coming weeks. I've included my scheduling link below to suggest some timing options that fit your schedule and get something booked directly!

Again, it was such a pleasure meeting at the event.


Looking forward,

[Your name]

Template 14: Coffee Meeting

Subject: Coffee Catch-Up

Hi [name]!

I hope you've been well! With both our backgrounds in [industry], I would love to schedule a coffee chat to reconnect and exchange latest updates.

My current work involves [share 1-2 initiatives] - areas that I believe could intersect nicely with your projects on [their areas of focus].

When works best for you in the coming weeks? I would genuinely welcome a chance to discuss our latest efforts, trends we're seeing, and possibilities for collaboration over coffee. Please feel free to schedule something directly through my calendar link below: [zeeg.me/myname]

Let me know what timing works or if you have any other topics to discuss! It would be great to catch up in person again soon.


[Your name]

Template 15: Post-Event Collaboration Proposal

Subject: Following Up on [Event Name]

Dear [name],

I thoroughly enjoyed connecting at [event name] last week and learning about your work with [area of focus]. The intersections with my recent projects on [your initiatives] feel quite promising.

I wanted to follow up with a meeting request to explore if collaboration opportunities exist between our complementary efforts. Please let me know if you have time next Monday or Wednesday for a 30 minute call to continue the conversation. Feel free to schedule a slot that works well directly in my calendar below: [zeeg.me/myname]

Do also let me know if you have any other discussion points in mind or potential areas for joint opportunity! I believe it would be valuable to align our perspectives - hopefully my scheduling link above makes that easy to coordinate a convenient time.


[Your name]

Template 16: Industry Insight Exchange

Subject: Exchanging Industry Perspectives

Hi [name],

I hope this week has been off to a good start! It was so nice meeting you at [event] and learning about your impressive background in [industry].

With our shared experiences in this market, I think it would be hugely valuable to trade notes on trends, innovations, pain points, and opportunities from our respective lenses.

Would love to buy you coffee or a virtual chat in the coming weeks to further connect over industry insights if you have availability. Please feel free to suggest some timing slots that could work or directly schedule via my calendar link when convenient: [zeeg.me/myname]

Intentionally keeping things casual as I'm truly interested in your unique perspective from [their roles] and any key insights to discuss further from your end. Just let me know!

I do hope our paths continue crossing more in this community. Looking forward to staying in touch!


[Your name]

Client Relations Email Templates

Template 17: Client Consultation Scheduling

Subject: Project Progress Consult

Hi [name],

Hoping to schedule 45 minutes to consult on our [project] trajectory, potential optimizations, and priority planning for next phase milestones.

What Tuesday or Thursday afternoon slot works best over the next two weeks? Please schedule time that fits your schedule directly here: [zeeg.me/myname]

I believe it would be productive to connect live given the latest developments. Please suggest any other key issues I should prepare to address from your end as well.

Looking forward to further discussions!


[Your name]

Template 18: Service Review Meeting Request

Subject: Scheduling Account Service Review

Hi [name],

I would like to schedule our quarterly account service review meeting. Please suggest some timing in the next 2 weeks that works in your schedule to meet virtually or onsite if preferred.

You can coordinate directly via my calendar booking link here: [zeeg.me/myname]

Please come prepared to share any feedback on our services delivered over the past quarter and discuss adjustments needed moving forward.

Looking forward to continuous improvements!


[Your name]

Template 19: Quarterly Business Review Scheduling

Subject: Coordinating QBR Meeting

Hi [name],

I would like to schedule our Quarterly Business Review meeting for next steps planning and contract renewal considerations.

Please indicate availability preferences in the coming 2-3 weeks and I can coordinate scheduling directly in our calendars: [zeeg.me/myname]

Kindly come prepared to discuss service delivery feedback, expansion areas being considered, and any optimizations sought to ensure we are aligned as partners moving forward.

I appreciate your time and look forward to the discussion.


[Your name]

Template 20: Contract Renewal Discussion

Subject: Scheduling Contract Renewal Discussion

Hi [name],

Our current contract term concludes at the end of this fiscal year. I would like to initiate discussions around renewal considerations and longer term partnership plans.

When is best over the next month to meet virtually or onsite? I can coordinate scheduling directly here based on your availability preferences: [zeeg.me/myname]

Kindly come prepared to share any feedback, desired services adjustments, and growth areas to potentially formalize through an updated multi-year contract.

I believe it is prudent to begin conversations early and ensure proper time for alignments. Please suggest any other key points I should prepare to address from your side too.

Appreciate your continued partnership.


[Your name]

Professional Communication Email Templates

Template 21: Project Update Meeting Scheduling

Subject: Coordinating Project Sync Meeting

Hi [name],

I would like to schedule a working session to sync up on latest developments regarding [project]. Our recent progress requires cross-functional input as we approach the next release.

When would 30-45 minutes work for your schedule next week? Let's find the right time to connect directly: [zeeg.me/myname]

Aim is to cover current task status, high priority issues emerging, dependencies across teams, and plan mitigations needed to meet aggressive deadlines.

Your insights would be very valuable given handoffs between our groups for integrated success factors. Please come ready to share current blockers from your end impacting overall timelines.

Talk soon,

[Your name]

Template 22: Team Coordination Scheduling

Subject: Sync Meeting for [Team/Project]

Hi all,

Hoping to schedule 30-45 minutes next week for coordinating efforts between our teams on [project/initiative].

As key contributors, your insights would be valuable given ongoing task dependencies. Please indicate availability preferences directly in my calendar link so we can align on best timing: [zeeg.me/myname]

Aim is to cover task status updates from each group, current blockers, and mitigation plans to keep workstreams integrated towards release targets.

Appreciate your time and input as we sync up.


[Your name]

Template 23: Task Planning Meeting

Subject: Scheduling Task Planning Session

Hi team,

Now that project specifications are finalized, we need to align on work breakdown plans, timelines, and scheduling to meet aggressive deadlines.

Please indicate your availability over the next week so we can coordinate task planning working sessions: [zeeg.me/myname]

Our focus needs to be on scoping executable packages, identifying dependencies, and balancing workload for integrated parallel contributions by each specialist.

Looking forward to productive preparations as we ramp up for speedy execution.


[Your name]

Template 24: Department Collaboration Scheduling

Subject: Coordinating Cross-Department Alignment

Hi all,

As we gear up for the product launch, enhanced collaboration between our groups is vital for integrated success factors.

I would like to schedule an alignment session focused on cross-departmental hand-offs around workflow, protocols, and optimization opportunities.

Please book some time via my calendar directly: [zeeg.me/myname]

The goal is ensuring we have clarity on interlinked dependencies, open communication channels, and a streamlined framework for transparency as we scale up.

Appreciate your teamwork!


[Your name]

Email Templates for Education and Training

Template 25: Student Consultation Scheduling

Subject: Scheduling Follow-Up Consultation

Dear [name],

I wanted to check in after your recent submission to provide feedback and guidance for continued progress.

Please schedule 30 minutes this week or early next week directly in my calendar booking link:


My aim is ensuring you are tracking comfortably towards timely completion in line with milestones. Look forward to discussing further.


[Your name]

Template 26: Training Session Scheduling

Subject: Coordinating [Training Program] Session

Dear participants,

We need to align schedules for the next advanced walkthrough per availability across groups.

Kindly book a preferred session directly in my scheduling calendar link this week or next:


Focus will be on crucial demonstrations and mechanics for skill application.

I look forward to our continued engagement.


[Your name]

Template 27: Workshop Collaboration Scheduling

Subject: [Workshop] Collaboration Meeting

Dear [participants],

We need to integrate synergies between content areas for maximum impact. Kindly book time in my calendar next week to coordinate:


Looking forward to another constructive preparation workshop!


[Your name]

Template 28: Guest Lecture Scheduling

Subject: Coordinating Guest Lecture Appearance

Dear [name],

I would like to explore possibilities for a 60-90 minute guest lecture appearance this semester based on your [field] experiences.

Kindly book an appropriate session in my calendar availability next month. Our students would tremendously benefit from your industry perspective:


Please advise on themes or topics that you are most keen to cover. I genuinely appreciate your time and consideration.

Best wishes,

[Your name]

Healthcare and Wellness Email Templates to share a scheduling link

Template 29: Patient Appointment Scheduling

Subject: Booking Follow-Up Appointment

Dear [name],

I am writing to schedule a follow-up visit to monitor your health progress after recent lab work and evaluations.

Kindly select an available 30-45 minute appointment slot that fits your schedule over the next 2 weeks directly via my online booking:


The objective is assessing response to latest treatment, adjusting care plans as needed, and ensuring we are on the right trajectory. Please let me know if any acute issues arise otherwise see you shortly for the follow-up.

Best regards,

[Your name]

Template 30: Wellness Consultation Request

Subject: Scheduling Your Wellness Consult

Hi [name],

I hope overall wellness has been comfortable since we last connected. Per our discussion on better lifestyle alignment, I wanted to check in regarding scheduling your wellness consultation.

Please select 50-60 minutes whenever convenient over the next month that fits your availability directly in my scheduler link below:


We have quite a few themes around improved nutrition, exercise, stress management and preventative health to discuss further in light of your goals. I genuinely look forward to further conversations on the pathway ahead.

Until then, do remember the small consistent positive choices that shift trajectories.

All the best,

[Your name]

Template 31: Specialist Appointment Scheduling

Subject: Booking Specialist Consultation

Dear [name],

I would recommend we book an appointment consultation with a [specialist] regarding [condition] for comprehensive evaluations.

Please schedule at your earliest convenience via my booking link:



[Your name]

Template 32: Health Program Enrollment

Subject: Scheduling [Health/Wellness Program] Consultation

Dear [name],

Kindly select a 60 minute orientation slot over the next couple weeks via direct booking below:


This first consultation will focus on key priorities we need to tackle for lifestyle realignment.

Wishing you renewal ahead!


[Your name]

Zeeg as a Platforms for Efficient Scheduling

Scheduling software has become an invaluable tool for modern professionals to streamline finding mutually suitable times to meet, especially with dispersed remote teams. Manual back-and-forth over email negotiating calendars tends to be tedious, time consuming and error prone. Scheduling solutions automate this coordination by allowing professionals to clearly indicate their availability which others can easily browse and directly book from based on best fit slots.

This allows scheduling meetings, calls and appointments efficiently 24/7 as per individual preferences rather than having to align multiple overwhelmed calendars. By centralizing availability across teams and enabling direct booking, scheduling tools save massive administrative hassles. Individuals can indicate the times they are free to meet and manage appointments themselves while automated features handle notifications, calendar blocks and conferencing integration in the background.

Zeeg's automated scheduling intelligence enables complex availability configuration not just based on direct calendar views but multi-tiered share group filters, ensuring confidential meetings do not conflict with public availability. Round robin and minimum/maximum allocation balances automated distribution across teams. Anonymized views preserve internal transparency without revealing colleague schedules to external parties.

Above calendar sync and conferencing integrations, Zeeg’s meeting workflows simplify post-booking logistics through modern omni-channel reminders.

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In an increasingly dynamic world, scheduling meetings and appointments smoothly is vital for collective productivity. Finding convenient times remains an issue faced by organizations and their customers, hindering timely communication. Solutions exploring the concept of centralized availability with self-service booking capabilities offer attractive conveniences through automated assistance. 

Zeeg goes beyond basic scheduling tools by blending automation with thoughtfulness. The software makes it easy for people to coordinate meetings on their own. People can indicate when they are available. Others can book times that work best. This saves the back and forth of fitting busy schedules together.