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Google shutting down Business Profile Websites: Adapting to the transition

March 4, 2024

Google has announced that websites created through Google Business Profiles will be permanently shut down starting in March 2024. This shutdown will impact the online presence of many small businesses and entrepreneurs who have come to rely on these free websites linked to their Business Profiles. When these sites go dark, customers visiting them will be temporarily redirected to the associated Business Profiles. However, this redirection is only guaranteed until June 10, 2024. After that point, visiting one of these websites will likely result in dead links and "page not found" errors.

This leaves small business owners with an important decision to make regarding their online presence. Without a website, they risk losing customers and visibility. Thankfully, there are alternative website builders like Zeeg that offer affordable, effective solutions tailored to small business needs. With some proactive planning, businesses can not only survive this transition, but thrive with an upgraded online presence.

This article will cover everything small business owners need to know about the impending shutdown of Google Business Profile websites. It will also provide actionable tips for retaining an online presence, including through emerging solutions like Zeeg.me. By preparing now, businesses can ensure continuity for both their digital visibility and customer relationships.

Changes to Google Business Profiles Websites

Announcement of the Shutdown

Google Announcement

Google formally announced that all websites created through Google Business Profiles will be permanently shut down in March 2024. Specifically, the shutdown will occur on March 1, 2024. After this date, any customers or site visitors attempting to access one of these sites will be temporarily redirected to the associated Google Business Profile.

Details on the Shutdown Date

As stated, March 1, 2024 is the concrete date for the shutdown of Google Business Profile websites. This is an immutable date, with no extensions or exceptions planned. Once March 1 hits, all Business Profile sites will go dark instantly and redirections to the connected profiles will commence.

Redirect Functionality Until June 10, 2024

The redirect from the defunct Google Business Profile sites to the linked Google Business Profiles will remain active until June 10, 2024. This gives business owners just over 3 months to complete their transitions. After June 10th however, this safety net vanishes. At that point, visiting one of these sites will likely result in broken links, 404 pages, or other "page not found" style errors.

Tips for Businesses Affected

The shutdown will impact any business that currently has a website created through Google Business Profiles. Here are some key tips they should keep in mind:

  • Removal of Specific Domain Endings: Websites using .business.site and .negocio.site domains will be impacted by the shutdown. Google will automatically remove these domains from Business Profiles in March 2024. Businesses using them will want to transition to a new domain.
  • Recommendations for Updating Business Profiles: With the pending loss of these sites, businesses should update their Business Profiles accordingly. This includes removing the old website URL after March 1, 2024 and adding in a new website if one is created. Keeping the Business Profile updated ensures continuity in listings and enables proper redirects until June 2024.
  • No Impact on Core Business Profile Functionality: The good news is that the core Business Profile and its functionality will be entirely unaffected by the website shutdown. Features like photos, contact info, posts, and more will still work seamlessly. The only impact is the loss of the linked web presence.

Business Profile Features and Importance

While the impending shutdown eliminates the websites created through Google Business Profiles, the Business Profiles themselves will remain fully intact and functional. These profiles serve critical functions for customer acquisition and visibility.

The Business Profile acts as a customizable digital storefront, enabling businesses to showcase vital information, photos, offerings, contact details, and more to people searching on Google. Rich profiles with images, descriptions, and contact options help businesses stand out and get discovered by nearby customers.

Business Profiles also facilitate important business updates and information sharing through posts, messaging, and automated alerts. Businesses can keep followers notified about new products, holiday hours, upcoming events and specials, sales, and time-sensitive promotions. This constant engagement keeps customers in-the-know about the business and nurtures relationships.

Additionally, Business Profiles provide numerous options for attracting new customers and seamlessly connecting with them. Features like photo galleries, menus/catalogs, customized contact forms and one-click calling eliminate friction in the buyer's journey. Customers can easily view products or services, check prices, ask questions, book appointments, make reservations, call the business, and more using the intuitive Business Profile interface. This delivers conversion and sales opportunities businesses would miss out on without an optimized presence.

While losing the integrated websites stings, tending to Business Profile content becomes more essential than ever for visibility. A polished, accurately-updated Profile can ensure continued prominence in local search results and funnel customers straight into sales inquiries and transactions. Maintaining the Profile is now imperative for customer retention and growth.

Alternatives to Google Business Profile Websites

To retain website traffic after the shutdown, affected businesses must create new sites. Top website builder options include:

  • Zeeg
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • GoDaddy
  • Google Sites
  • Shopify
  • Durable
  • Weebly
  • Strinkingly
  • WordPress

The Power of Zeeg for Small Business Websites

Zeeg is an emerging leader in simple, affordable websites tailored specifically for small and medium businesses. Zeeg enables anyone to create a customized, mobile-friendly website in under 10 minutes without needing any coding or technical skills.

With Zeeg, small businesses can easily build effective websites that establish their brand and drive growth through robust tools like:

  • Drag & Drop Website Editor: Zeeg's editor makes building a professional website as easy as arranging Lego blocks. Users can drag, drop, and customize a wide range of design elements.
  • Photo & Video Galleries: Businesses can upload portfolios of product images, store photos, team headshots, and videos to attract and engage customers.
  • Menus & Catalogs: Retail, restaurant, and service businesses can showcase their offerings in sortable, searchable menus and catalogs.
  • Online Appointment Scheduling: The website builder has integrated appointment scheduling so customers can book consultations or appointments 24/7.
  • Social Media Integration: Websites can showcase the business's social media presence by embedding live feeds from platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • SEO Optimizations: Zeeg websites are optimized for search engines like Google out-of-the-box, increasing online visibility.
  • Premium Support: Zeeg also features top-rated technical support experts to help businesses through any issues.

With these capabilities tailored to small business success, Zeeg delivers the tools and support needed to turn online presence into business growth.

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Ads Campaign Management

If businesses have been directing Google Ads campaigns towards their Google Business Profile websites, they will need to prepare for the upcoming shutdown.

Importance of Updating Ads Campaigns

All traffic, conversions and metrics for Ads targeting the defunct websites will be disrupted and lost after the March 2024 shutdown. Therefore, it is vital for sustainable growth to migrate any ads pointing to those domains over to new sites by March 1, 2024.

Ideally, businesses should link Google Ads to Zeeg-built replacement websites. Zeeg makes the migration easy by fully optimizing websites for PPC and display advertising. Their SEO foundations also enhance campaign performance.

Guiding Businesses in Ensuring Campaign Continuity

However, simply pausing Google Ads campaigns temporarily is a quick option if launching new websites seems unfeasible before March. The key is acting before the migration deadline to prevent permanent data and revenue loss. Remember, advanced planning ensures advertising success after the mass Google Business Profile websites shutdown.


Google's impending shutdown of Business Profile websites leaves many small businesses in an uncertain spot. However, with advanced planning, this transition can transform into an opportunity.

The key is acting early to build replacement websites through alternative platforms like Zeeg. Their affordable tools empower small business owners to make sites tailored for growth. Optimizing Business Profiles is also paramount for visibility.

Additionally, migrating any advertising campaigns pointing to old websites prevents long-term revenue disruption. Pausing ads temporarily can buy leeway if launching new sites immediately seems unattainable.

Small companies who urgently build polished new websites—ideally leveraging Zeeg’s capabilities—will gain a major competitive advantage. They reinforce their digital presence and collect website visitors as rivals stall behind broken Business Profile links after June 2024.

With some swift, strategic moves, businesses can innovate beyond this hurdle and set their online presence up for enduring prosperity.


What is replacing Google business?

Google does not have an official replacement product for the websites being shut down. However, Zeeg offers an easy-to-use small business website builder that facilitates smooth continuity of online presence. With Zeeg's drag and drop editor, anyone can create an affordable, customized website in under 10 minutes without coding.