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Linktree Alternatives: The Top 5 Free Choices for Your LinkinBio

February 27, 2024

With over 2 billion monthly users, Instagram has become one of the most important platforms for establishing an online presence and driving traffic to other websites. However, Instagram only allows you to add one external link in your bio, limiting your ability to connect followers to multiple sites. This is where linktrees come in handy! A linktree allows you to create a profile page with clickable links that direct users to various sites.

The most popular linktree service is Linktree. This article will explore excellent Linktree alternatives to create your own custom link-in-bio landing page with more features. Whether you want unlimited links, customized designs, analytics, or budget-friendly options, there are great Linktree competitors to meet your needs.


Zeeg is a free link-in-bio software enabling solopreneurs and teams to clearly manage their links, integrate them into social media, and turn followers into customers. Whether you're new to link-in-bio tools or an experienced user, Zeeg is perfectly customizable to your needs.

The free Zeeg plan provides full functionality to design your personal link as desired. Upgrades are optional, and Zeeg remains free forever.

Compared to Linktree, Zeeg offers calendar integration with booking links, location sharing, and team page management.

✅ Zeeg Advantages

  • Connect your link page to appointment booking times - ideal for service providers, coaches, consultants
  • Fully customize designs by uploading images/videos and adjusting component sizes
  • Use thousands of integrations via Zapier etc.
  • Perfect for businesses with visual products or creators like designers, artists

❌ Zeeg Disadvantages

  • No analytics dashboard yet

💸 Zeeg Pricing

  • Free Starter Plan
  • Professional Plan - $5/month annually
  • Business Plan - $10/month annually per user

💬 Zeeg Reviews

G2: 5.0/5

Capterra: 4.9/5


Lnk.Bio should not be confused with Later's Linkin.bio tool. In contrast to the latter, Lnk.Bio is even simpler and is especially suitable for labels and agencies.

✅ Lnk.Bio Advantages

  • Suitable for agencies

❌ Lnk.Bio Disadvantages

  • Somewhat confusing

💸 Lnk.Bio Pricing

  • Free basic version
  • Mini - monthly (0.99 USD / month)
  • Mini - one time (9.99 USD)
  • Unique - one time (24.99 USD)

💬 Lnk.Bio Customer Reviews

G2: 4.5/5

Capterra: not available


Bio.fm is another option to share your YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other content with just one link in your bio.

✅ Bio.fm Advantages

  • Ability to embed YouTube videos, create polls, or collect email addresses

❌ Bio.fm Disadvantages

  • Less design customization than some competitors
  • Fewer features compared to paid alternatives

💸 Bio.fm Pricing

  • Free version with ability to upgrade for more features

💬 Bio.fm Customer Reviews

G2: Not available

Capterra: Not available

Linkin.bio by Later

Linkin.bio is a slick link-in-bio tool offered by the social media management platform Later. It stands out with an intuitive interface to create a customized, visually appealing landing page.

✅ Linkin.bio Advantages

  • Gorgeous templates to match your brand
  • Easy customization with colors, fonts, themes
  • Analytics to see traffic sources and links performance
  • Integrates with Later to schedule posts

❌ Linkin.bio Disadvantages

  • Link limits unless you upgrade to premium
  • More costly than some competitors

💸 Linkin.bio Pricing

  • Starter ($25 / month)
  • Growth ($45 / month - for 3 users)
  • Advanced ($80 / month - for 6 users)


Bento made it easy to create a link-in-bio landing page with customizable widgets to highlight content from Instagram, LinkedIn, GitHub and more. Users praised its intuitive editing on both mobile and desktop.

✅ Bento Advantages

  • Streamlined link and widget adding
  • Mobile and desktop editing
  • Custom link previews (Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)

❌ Bento Disadvantages

  • Acquired by Linktree in 2023
  • Slow pace of new feature development
  • User unhappiness with Linktree's changes

💸 Bento Pricing

  • Specific pricing unclear since Linktree acquisition

💬 Bento Customer Sentiment

The community seems unhappy with Bento's development under Linktree, with few new features released.